Documentary film – Story one board

This is a documentary about the history of the shaper named Joy, who lives on one of the Canary Islands, name the island Lanazarote, his passion is wave surfing and the creation of a surfboard, his small workshop and he loves his craft.



The idea of ​​creating this documentary is ripe for a long time, while I myself started to create his first surfboard, living in Vladivostok, Russia. I was very interested in this process. There were difficulties in search of good quality materials, tools, and general information in general. Meet and see how Joy in his workshop creates a surf board and whether it is different from what I did myself, it was very exciting.

As it turned out, the process is the same everywhere, in Russia, in Spain, I’m talking about the ritual, I call it a ritual, because it has something special, magical, this room, your ideas, and not shaped piece foam. Your task is to breathe life into it, to make of it a tool that will help you in the development.




The process of creating the board is a kind of meditation, and there is silence and sound and foam with sandpaper. This is an amazing state, this is what we must feel, and pass through itself, directing all the energy to create the board, grind it, created from scratch, to give smoothness, sharpness and dynamics. This flamenco, waltz, ballet, but somehow, with a spatula and leaking resin, fiberglass and foam absorbs everything. This transparency and gloss, even more arousing and staggering.



These amazing feeling to create something that your friends, comrades, sons and grandchildren will enjoy and celebrate the first to catch a wave as once you are happy. In short, you’ll understand when you see the process from the inside. The first stage of this documentary is almost ready, we will show it in the process of forming the blank form and create the future of the board, and the steps you will see later, stay tuned….